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Robert Falcione, editor of the online newspaper Hopkinton News, said the town felt "cheated" for two reasons. Left America Entwistle told investigators he discovered his wife and daughter dead after returning home from an errand.He did not call the emergency services but instead got a knife to kill himself although could not go through with it, he said.Father William Mac Kenzie knew Rachel well and had been her family's priest for 30 years. "He was reluctant to let anybody else hold her because she was daddy's little girl.He first met Entwistle at Lillian Rose's baptism - just a few weeks before he buried her and her mother. I said to myself, we had a family that was obviously going to grow together very close." Huge debts Rachel's mother and step-father trusted Rachel's judgement and were happy with her choice of husband.Briton Neil Entwistle came across as a devoted husband and father.But at the trial where he was convicted of the double murder of his wife and baby daughter, a very different picture emerged.The jury heard Entwistle's DNA was found on the grip of the revolver, on an ammunition container and on a gun lock.

They seemed the perfect couple with a five-bedroom colonial-style house in a leafy suburb of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and driving a BMW X3 car.

After leaving the house Entwistle drove to Boston's international airport where he left the family car.

He bought a one-way ticket to London and flew out without any luggage.

Neil Entwistle's family life in the US appeared to be the model of middle-class respectability.

The university-educated IT worker had an attractive American wife, Rachel, and a beautiful baby, nine-month-old Lillian Rose.

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Mendon resident, Richard Cormier is the new Athletic Director at Hopkinton High School.

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