Aol hangs at updating locations

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That was a pretty good indicator that the problem was related to an incorrect outbound mail login, thus the solution in this case was correctly setting the SMTP (outgoing mail server) password in the Mail application advanced preferences – they were using AOL email which means no SMTP login at all is necessary, so removing the SMTP and relying entirely on IMAP was the solution there – and then email worked fine again for both sending and receiving from Mail app.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had Mail app login issues on your Mac, and the solutions you found that worked for your situation.

First, and this may be sound silly and you’re probably already annoyed by the suggestion, but be absolutely sure you are actually entering the correct password.If you are facing this problem, then read the following article to find how to fix the issue: When Apple releases a new i OS firmware, users from all around the globe attempt to install the update on the same day, which causes a huge spike in traffic on Apple servers.To better manage this traffic, Apple introduced a new feature in earlier versions of i OS.It’s been a few days since Apple released i OS 10, but we’ve already received a number of reports of issues that users are facing with the latest firmware.Even after 8 beta iterations, the firmware is still plagued with problems ranging from soft brick to Wi Fi & Bluetooth connectivity problems.

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To resolve this issue, you can remove the affected email accounts from the Mail app and add them again. Step 4: A list of all the email accounts you’ve added will be shown. Step 5: Scroll to the end of the page and press ‘Sign Out’.

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