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One of his last, if not his very last, act as Rector, was to hand me a cheque for three hundred pounds, in order that the printing of the first series of Lectures, those " On the Manuscript Materials of Irish History", might be commenced. Newman was not lost sight of by the Catholic Bishops, nor by Dr.

Until the Introduction had reached nearly four hundred pages, and materials for two hundred more had been accumulated, I did not give up the original intention of pre- 12 PREFACE. With the view of carrying out this intention, I endeavoured to save space by compressing my facts into the smallest compass.

The account of the classes of society given in the second Lecture appeared to me to be in- complete and unsatisfactory.

This account was based on a frag- ment of a law tract called the Crith Gablach, which I thought ought to be printed in full in the Appendix.

11 able time, but it repaid all my trouble by furnishing me with the key of the whole Irish political system.

It was this study which chiefly retarded the publication of the Lectures, and extended my Introduction, from forty or fifty pages, to a thick volume.

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BOSTON COLLEGE LIBRARY CHESTNUT HILL, MASS, WILLIAMS AND . In undertaking this task, so foreign to my ordi- nary pursuits, I knew that I could rely upon the help of my dear friend, the late John E.

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