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Tbh though, I had little success with the lesser educated women.

My greatest success was with the more liberal, educated women in the somerville/Cambridge area. I banged just one Asian woman cause the Asian women there are in love with white dudes.

I’ve had my fair share chances to date/talk to all those types, but I’m just so worn out having to ameliorate my shitty childhood..not for reconciling the elitist Ivory Tower standards here.

Though I do think I’m finding a bit of my groove as of lately.

That being said, I live in Cali now and it's so much better than Boston.

Seriously fuck Boston I will only go back to see my friend and his new baby, that place really sucks ass.

Maybe its because I notice the AMWF couples more than other couples, but the one common denominator is the couples are under 25 to college age so there are maybe fewer hang ups.

Also I want to make a distinction, white or even asian women preferring white men is fine and not something I consider racist, especially in this day and age. That said, womens' preference may be subliminally affected by what they see in public.

People often say the south is more racist, but there are very few Asian people there and a small percentage of white girls are into Asian men.

If 1% of white girls are into Asian men and you are the only Asian guy in town, you will have a lot of options.

I think the more AMWF couples women see in public and also portrayed in media, makes go from it going from being more acceptable to being the in thing or not a big deal.

I think the Northeast and specifically Boston area tend to be traditionalists, classist (hierarchical) and insular.

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I am a single AM who's lived in Boston for 20 years.

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