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But above all, the banks require your social security number (SSN).

Your entire past financial health and future potential to a bank is largely determined by this 1 number.

But many US citizens and ex-permanent residents, known as expats, often wonder whether they can still get credit cards if they leave or have already left the US.

Perhaps they’ve relocated for a job or have gone for an extended trip abroad.

How you can repay them, perhaps even from abroad, is something I’ll cover in a future post.

But it would be much easier to have your own US bank account.

You don’t live in the US so the address will have to be a family member’s or friend’s.

The first time it happened to me I assumed I had made a mistake in the date that I set for the payment.

This series will help folks living outside the US have Big Travel with Small Money!

All new credit card applications ask for lots of information.

However, Bank of America has less restrictive requirements for new accounts.

They do NOT require a US driver’s license or state ID to open a new account. You can apply online to Bank of America with your US social security number and US physical address.

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Of course, not just anyone is going to add you to their account so you can pay your bills!

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