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Black senior sex dates

“I have known great joys in my life, children and grandchildren,” she says.

But Paulette is looking for more than just companionship.

“We saw a fervor for something just for them,” says Joshua Meyers, CEO of People Media, the targeted- dating subsidiary of IAC.

In April,, a Tinder-like dating app for the over-50 set, launched, and it’s set to debut a local New York section next month.

“Do I want to have solo sex for the rest of my life? I would love to find another soulmate, or, at least, another man I have chemistry with.” Paulette was widowed at 70 after a very happy marriage of nearly 50 years.

Now she’s looking online for potential partners — and she’s got plenty of options.

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Ninety-six percent believe you can fall in love at any age and 87 percent think that love could be “just around the corner for them.” And, because that isn’t adorable enough, 60 percent of seniors still believe in love at first sight. Even though they may have a few more grey hairs and wrinkles than those in their 20s, seniors can still be just as superficial when it comes to attraction.

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