Bobbi starr and dana dearmond dating self consolidating concrete scc

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Bobbi starr and dana dearmond dating

She sends her message with an acting verve that has carried her career.

Some studios, she mentions , give her particular satisfaction.

The company is feminist in its filming and its attitudes toward performers so talking here seems natural.

Describing herself as an “army brat,” Dana is a product of liberal parents, a bit unusual for the military.

Mata Hari must be mysterious, sensuous, and alluring with a powerful manner of persuasion.

My choice for the leading role of this fantasy tale is Dana De Armond.

The supposed double agent of World War I was an exotic dancer pre-war.

When she married, her choice was a captain in the Dutch Army stationed in what is today Indonesia.

In film image is everything and the usual porn stereotypes would not work for this legendary seducer of men, no cute blonde, sweet girl next door, or dim witted bimbo for this production.

She began as a dancer for Universal Studios and worked parades for the Disney resort complex. After turning eighteen, Dana appeared in gentleman’s clubs while keeping her day job at Universal.

She relished both gigs and nightly twenty dollar lap dances wedged between minimum wage choreography became her employment reality.

“I don’t have the traditional football watching dad and the housewife mom,” she laughs. Dana’s father is gay, HIV positive, and noted for his cooking skills.

He’s a “pastry chef” who can turn out “crepes and glaze,” Dana says with noticeable affection.

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