Body language dating book

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A man interested in friendship will make eye contact, but of limited duration.

The man will turn toward you sometimes, but not throughout the entire conversation.

He will keep eye contact too long for comfort, and may touch you even though he doesn't know you.

Expect him to stroke your face lightly or to play with your hair.

Know a little about the man whose body language you are interested in reading. Before you go thinking that you can figure out everything about a certain man by a general book, you might want to find out about the specific man first.

If the man is generally interested in dating you, he will turn toward you during the conversation.

The man will seem interested in what you say when you talk about normal subjects like sports, and there will be some smiles, but not ear-to-ear smiles. If the man is interested in a fling, he will get too close too soon.

He will come right next to you and may seem to invade your personal space.

There will be directed eye contact, usually at the end of phrases.

The man will keep a distance from you, but will be facing you as you talk.

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Realize that the place where you have the encounter with the man may influence the body language.

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