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I genuinely don’t understand how I juggled all of that!

So it’s no wonder I desperately wanted to quit the full-time gig and give all my energy to Clarity on Fire.

Here’s how you can stop expecting the terrible: It’s easy when you feel like the world around you is crumbling or everything that you thought to be true, is suddenly gone.

Or, when you keep trying your hardest, only to find roadblocks at every turn.

Considering checking your sources, no matter the reason, is always an important skill to mold, why don’t you apply that same logic to your emotions?

Often times, we get set on a repetitive cycle where we give attention to the same fear or worry over and over again. Chances are, it’s not.“Taking the time to challenge the reality behind the assumptions someone who often catastrophizes makes, can be very eye-opening for them," Martinez says.

I’d probably just go back to working a steady full-time office job while I regrouped and started on a different idea.

But thinking I could handle these things all by my bad self, I postponed therapy until the day after my 28th birthday, when I looked around at my life, which was full of blessings, and realized how truly unhappy I was.

I needed a new way of examining my life and approaching my experiences, especially when it came to dating.

Instead of spiraling into doomsday, Martinez suggests taking a step back and thinking about the truth, instead of your fears.

“People have to be mindful of their negative thoughts, and when they have them to replace them with a realistic or positive one," she says.

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(And trust me, that’s definitely not a humble brag. I recently looked back at my Google calendar from those early days, and I’m astounded by how jam-packed it is.