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To renew, log in to your online account, go to My Loans and click renew next to your item. You do not need to bring the book, just your library card. You can ask staff to renew the item once if you require more time to search for it. If you forget your pin, you can reset it online by clicking 'Forgot PIN' under the log in box or ask one of our staff to print it off for you.You create a pin when you sign up to library membership online, or if you join at a branch it will be randomly generated. If you forget your pin, you can reset it online by clicking 'Forgot PIN' under the log in box or ask one of our staff to print it off for you. We cannot do anything about your pin over the telephone.Yes, you can renew physical items for a further three weeks for a maximum of three times.

8) Save the file to your Desktop or another convenient folder. Simply pop into any East Riding Library and ask a member of staff.All you need is some ID with name, address and signature.If you cannot hear chat when using that headset either, the issue may be with the settings or your membership. Dust and pollen allergies can be hard on the pocket as well as the nose, but you can legally get exactly the same allergy relief for less than half the normal price.

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If you were able to hear the sound you recorded but the mic wasn't working during the mobile phone test, then there may be an issue with the headset itself.

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