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While waiting for Arnie to finish the paperwork, Dennis sits inside Christine and has a vision of the car and the surroundings as they were when the car was new, 20 years before. Arnie brings Christine to a do-it-yourself garage run by Will Darnell, who is suspected of using the garage as a front for illicit operations.As Arnie restores the car, he becomes withdrawn, humorless and cynical.Schürrle has been a full international for Germany since 2010, gaining over 50 caps and scoring 20 goals.He was a member of the German squads which reached the semi-finals at UEFA Euro 2012 and won the 2014 FIFA World Cup.The transfer fee agreed between the two clubs was believed to be in the region of €8 million.

He began his career at Mainz 05 in 2009, spending two years at the club before a £6.5 million transfer to Bayer 04 Leverkusen.Christine is a horror novel by American writer Stephen King, published in 1983.It tells the story of a 1958 Plymouth Fury apparently possessed by supernatural forces.Germany manager Joachim Löw told me it would be a great move for me and that is why Wolfsburg are a step forward for me.Wolfsburg have a great team as well and can play for silverware in the Bundesliga and in Europe.

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In the summer of 1978, while high school student Dennis Guilder is riding home from work with his friend, nerdy teen Arnold "Arnie" Cunningham, Arnie spots a dilapidated red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury parked behind a house.