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All the underage rape victims who agreed to speak were interviewed alongside members of their family.Ensuring Availability In its official publications, the Islamic State has stated that it is legal for a man to rape the women he enslaves under just about any circumstance.Sexual abstinence Most of the Sunni scholars who ruled on the issue argued that the requirement could be met by respecting a period of sexual abstinence whenever the captive changes hands, proposing a duration of at least one menstrual cycle, according to Brill’s Encyclopedia of Islam.In its own manual, the Islamic State outlines the abstinence method as one option.‘If you are pregnant, we are going to send you back’ J, an 18-year-old, said she had been sold to the Islamic State’s governor of Tal Afar, a city in northern Iraq. It was his assistant who took me to the hospital,” said J, who was interviewed alongside her mother, after escaping this year.“On top of that he also gave me birth control pills.

The captured teenage girl, who agreed to be identified by her first initial, M, has the demeanour of a child and wears her hair in a bouncy ponytail. When prospective buyers came to inquire about her, she overheard them asking for assurances that she was not pregnant, and her owner provided the box of birth control as proof.That was not enough for the third man who bought her, she said.He quizzed her on the date of her last menstrual cycle and, unnerved by what he perceived as a delay, gave her a version of the so-called morning-after pill, causing her to start bleeding. Finally he came into her room, closed the door and ordered her to lower her pants. Instead he pulled out a syringe and gave her a shot on her upper thigh.He told me, ‘We don’t want you to get pregnant,’” she said.When she was sold to a more junior fighter in the Syrian city of Tal Barak, it was the man’s mother who escorted her to the hospital.

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The Islamic State cites centuries-old rulings stating that the owner of a female slave can have sex with her only after she has undergone istibra’ “the process of ensuring that the womb is empty,” according to Princeton University professor Bernard Haykel, one of several experts on Islamic law consulted on the topic.

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