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College online dating service

Some of my friends use dating apps just to make friends.

If it doesn’t work out romantically, there is no shame in befriending an ex-potential date. ) When I first told my friends and family that I would be working at CMB everyone was totally fine with it.

Guys, at least at my school, are pretty rude as soon as the sun goes down.

CMB helps you make that connection without the pressure.

For the sake of privacy and verification of a student's college email ID, we do not allow any online social networking based sign-ups.

Additional privacy options allow users to control profile exposure in search results.

Isn’t it strange that meeting someone at a bar is considered more romantic than finding them online?

In my opinion, users of dating apps are actually being proactive about finding someone. Online Dating Takes Away The Nerves Call me crazy, but I get super nervous meeting people for the first time because you never know if you’re just going to be friends or something more.

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The site fosters an exclusive college dating community geared to the needs of students and alumni only.