Cost of updating an international flight to business class dating las nv vegas

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While debating the value of an upgrade makes for interesting conversation; it often is a personal decision dependent on a number of factors.

The process for bidding is rather simple, but there are some kinks with regard to the process.

Bidding for an upgrade can be an effective means of upgrading a low priced economy class ticket.

Winning bids are awarded approximately 24-30 hours prior to departure.

Some methods involve mileage upgrades and day of departure upgrades based on fare class.

These additional upgrade topics are beyond the scope of this article, but if you purchase an “expensive” ticket it is always best to weigh all of the potential options.

Some might say that a flight to JFK is too short to require an upgrade especially if they are eligible for free Economy Comfort or Extra Legroom seats on KLM due to their Flying Blue, Delta or other Sky Team Elite status.

For example, after booking this flight, there were many good economy class seats (KLM 747) available on my flight.

Of course, many personal judgment calls come into play when you try to value an upgrade.If you have been outbid you will receive an email and be given an opportunity to increase your bid.According to KLM “Bidding closes when check-in starts.Clearly, this upgrade scheme is most cost effective if you have purchased a low priced long-haul ticket.I am going to focus on bidding for long-haul upgrades, since these tend to represent the best value.

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The process would be the same with an itinerary that starts in New York, JFK-AMS-JFK, but the pricing for such itineraries does vary from Amsterdam origination (ex-AMS).

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