Dating a russian man

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Dating a russian man

As seen from the points above, the general etiquette of dating Russian men is different from dating men of other countries.Women are not to talk about politics which considered a men-only topic.It would be wise if you tell him outright what you want and expect from the relationship so the both of you can work it.If the relationship is to progress further into something even more serious, talks about family will come sooner or later.

There will always be cultural differences that the both of you may not be used to.Russians tend to talk closely to each other which may seem to intimate for those not used to it.This will happen even in the early stages of relationship, so do not be surprised about it.As explained in the paragraph above, a serious relationship with Russian men will eventually lead to marriage with expectancy of children.In Russia, women are expected to take care of the household while Russian men become the breadwinners.

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Men would be the ones suggesting and planning the whole thing, as well as taking care of his lady.

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