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And I wear comfy bootie slippers, that I don't mind putting on the couch etc. I used to think they were ridiculous and lame, but after having worked in an office for the past couple of years that may as well be the north pole, I've changed by tune and am considering investing in one, now that winter is coming.(I have a blanket at work, but that makes typing difficult.)Like you said though, since this would involve me letting go of the last shreds of my dignity, I may as well go all out and buy the most ridiculous snuggie I can find. )Ask Women: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space.“There’s this feeling of, ‘OK, let’s make this count and find someone good,’ ” says Jenna. If you don’t find someone in September or October, you may as well wait until January.

but I'm moving soon, and today it snowed flurries there so I am going to buy at least one, and a pair of grownup footy pajamas soon. It's perfect because he's old and little (gets cold easily) and a snuggy is way easier to put on than a sweater or jammies. It has Batman's costume printed on it, and he wrapped it around himself to complement my Robin costume.

After years of ragging on how stupid snuggies are, I gotta admit...

it We've got a few snuggies around the house, but I find them less useful than blankets.

Jenna says she’s found luck meeting sporty, do-gooder types volunteering at New York Road Runners races through Central Park.

“The weather is usually nice, and there’s something very wholesome about handing out water or apples to runners,” says Jenna.

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“Plus, you meet guys who are in shape.” And although Elizabeth is eyeing a bar near her apartment that is particularly testosterone-heavy right now thanks football, people in the know say to proceed with caution.