Dating acronym nsa Dirty sex chat bot for messeger

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Dating acronym nsa

This abbreviation most likely stands for "Party and Play" when used in a personal ads,though it can mean "Plug and Play" when used to talk about technology.

The abbreviation PNP when used in personal ads usually refers to the use of Crystal Meth.

I know my fellow CL’ers were shitting themselves obsessively checking the computer, cursing the tech’s and wandering around not knowing what to do with their nights.

Some were even forced to spend time with the family they neglect due to the time they spend on this site. -Try to keep your posts as short as possible, with as much information as you can get in.

It’s a lot like the FWB thing also documented in a 2011 movie, costar, Mila Kunis). ”) are far more important than pesky details like names.

Gay NSA is generally less personal and personable and also kind of preemptively rules out sequels — at least as I understand it in Grindr-speak. Yes, it’s as unromantic as it sounds, but when you wake up horny craving sex for breakfast, it’s a pretty expedient way to satisfy morning hunger.

The more you read others posts and get replies to your own, the more bitter and hateful your posts will become.

99% of the people there are looking for sex only, makes me feel sorry for the gay males that are seeking real relationships, they most likely won’t find them here -Never declare anything to a 100% certainty, there will always be someone to dispute, argue your opinion, and then call you an idiot for having it -“Best of” is funny as hell and is what CL should really be about -There are a lot of old, married, unhappy people on CL, that probably makes up the majority of posters, it’s sad -CL is not for the weak of heart or mind.

If you do not, you will get a new hole for it -If you repeatedly see the same posts of an attractive guy or girl with a one sentence tag line, it probably isn’t real, do not respond, or you will get spammed -You will long to have a missed connection written about yourself, the odds that someone that sees you in the street reads CL as well, is pretty small -You will get addicted, it’s inevitable.

You may think you can break the addiction, but it’s very very hard.

I’m not sure if three’s company or a crowd, but when it comes to letters, I tend to be a reluctant bedfellow with these three: NSA, aka no strings attached.

Even if I weren’t completely over acronyms, I’d probably never use that one in everyday conversations — not even the ones that begin on gay dating/hook-up apps like Grindr and Scruff.

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I am not nearly the veteran as some of the people here, but I am proud to say that I have gotten a few friends hooked.

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