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Dating across class lines

A connection in an urban area creates a broader social horizon for the bride's family, and young children in the family can be sent to live with the couple in the city for better schooling.

Hypergamy comes with a cost though; the dowry, which often costs as much or more than an entire house.

(Hypergamy does not require the man to be older, only of higher status, and social equals usually refers to social circles rather than economic equality).

You’re stiff in the outfit you picked out, but it was the right thing to wear, you think.refers to the inverse: marrying a person of lower social class or status (colloquially "marrying down").Both terms were coined in the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century while translating classical Hindu law books, which used the Sanskrit terms anuloma and pratiloma, respectively, for the two concepts.Maybe your hand is clasped in someone else’s, maybe they’re already mingling with people in the vibrant folds of the room — their art form. The life you have read about is your own for just one minute.Loving someone may come naturally to you, but you never knew what you signed up for — neither of you did.

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However, the Vedas cite an example where one such exception was allowed: when the daughter of Sage Shukracharya, Devayani was allowed to marry a Kshatriya king (lower caste compared to Brahmanas in the Indian caste system) named Yayati.

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