Dating friendship love 2016

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Real friends can also bring love, romance (the platonic kind of romance), passion and a deep sense of fulfillment as you grow older together.

I don’t believe in a life without friendships, as much as I don’t believe in a life without love. Her name is Ngoc Anh but she introduced herself as Na.

In other words, love makes my world go round, and without love, I would not even want to exist on this planet.

This is why it gets a whole chapter on its own in my upcoming book.

Even what I do at work is pretty much revolving around doing what I love to do with the people I love!She is till this day still my right hand woman and I don’t know what I would do without her throughout my entire entrepreneural journey. She even helped me babysit my baby when he was barely a few weeks old, despite never holding a baby before.Many people around me wonder why we are so close, given our age gap and stark differences in both personality and style. Not once did she leave my side, except for the time she left for studies in Australia a few years ago.They say if you want more romance and love in your life, start by making your friendships romantic.It may sound funny but with Na, I always feel that it’s not just friendship but also a deep love and mutual respect that makes the friendship “romantic” in its own way.

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I just stay by her side and make sure she has my support through her ups and downs, her mistakes, her losses and her wins.