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The fraudsters carry out their attacks mostly on weekends and mostly outside the state where the account is domiciled. This means victims will be unable to ask their banks to stop illegal transactions on their accounts until Monday morning, when the banks open for business, even though they receive debit alerts over the weekend.Informal networks and the insider factor Informal networks are vital to the young scamsters’ success.Many undergraduates in Nigerian universities dabble in internet fraud.Nicknamed “yahoo-yahoo” after the international web portal and search engine, this perfidy has become a way of life for the young con-artists.Areas of specialisation Internet fraud is organised along areas of specialisation to make a success of the deviant behaviour.Fraudsters study the security network of online transactions to decide where to pitch their tents.More than 2 000 bankers have lost their jobs due to economic recession in the country.

But if it is in Nigeria, I look for people who live in places like Port Harcourt, Abuja [luxury suburbs].

Quick monetary reward is what “yahoo-boys” have in mind. Sending fraudulent messages to online dating websites and social network sites were reported to be low-risk – but high-profit – areas of specialisation.

A third-year student said to me: “I started online fraud in my second semester of 100 level [a session comprised of two academic semesters in Nigerian universities] as an impostor via online dating.

These networks revolve around banks, security agencies, co-fraudsters and, sometimes, families.

The common means of collecting fraud money in Nigeria is through the banks, mostly through the Western Union money transfer.

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They see internet fraud as a creative outlet in a country like Nigeria.

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