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Bill and Farla Frumkin, Chabad’s Assistant Rabbi Osher Kravitsky, Cynthia Wiesenfeld, George Elashvili, Gershon Bitterman, Shimon Babaev, Ilya Aronovich, Michael Stern, Milt Mitzner, Hillel Milun, Steve Blumner, Joey Hecht, Sharon Noy, and Dr. Phil Orenstein, Ann Schocket, Irene and Michael Alter, Ray Haimson, Richard Greenbaum, Robert Germino, and Bryan Korman also came out to lend support from outside the community.

With a lavish dinner and exuberant ribbon cutting, Chabad of Great Neck recently celebrated two milestones: the anniversary of its 25-year presence in Nassau County, and the opening of its new 23,500 square-foot building.

Geller, our country is supporting an Islamic supremacist revolution, as can be seen in Egypt, Libya, and now even Mali.

In our own country, we are fighting a “war of ideas in which the ‘enemedia’ can destroy anyone that speaks the truth. ‘Slay the unbelievers wherever you may find them.’ It’s not like the Bible.

During construction, some members of the community hosted events at their homes that the older building couldn’t accommodate due to size limitations.

Fearing for the safety of his congregants, Rabbi Polakoff regretfully canceled.David Yerushalmi, Esq., of the American Freedom Law Center, has represented Pamela Geller in her free-speech battles around the country. Geller, who began by noting, “For one little Jew to speak to a men’s group on a Sunday morning . After hearing Greg Buckley speak, no one could doubt Ms.Geller’s assertion that there is a “human cost to a fantastic delusion we are pursuing all over the world, in Afghanistan and America.” According to Ms.The evening included a performance from the popular Israeli singer Gad Elbaz, and singing and dancing in the packed banquet hall lasted long into the night.When addressing the crowd, Chabad of Great Neck’s Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky described the space as holy, a smaller version of the beit mikdash, “where the community can gather and do mitzvot.” The opening of the building marks the culmination of a dream a decade and a half in the making, Rabbi Geisinsky told The Jewish Week in an email interview following the event.

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Perhaps Chabad has more of a history of dealing with totalitarian regimes due to its long history in Soviet Russia.