Dating he always busy

Posted by / 17-Sep-2020 15:50

Dating he always busy

If your boyfriend is a busy guy with a hard job or just one that takes up a lot of his energy, he will be tired during the week more often than not; however, you can still find ways to spend time together that don't involve a huge outlay of energy for him.

It takes a lot of dedication to compete in a sport at a professional level, so you can expect a lot of your boyfriend's time to be taken up with not only playing in competitions during the season but also with training and traveling.

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes with long distance relationships.

It is also just fair if you will allow him just to deal with his job.

You should not try to interfere because he won't appreciate it.

If that is what you truly feel and you are ready to end the relationship, then you should not be worried about him ignoring you. Just move on and take the step into the next chapter of your life.

That is the ideal situation for two people to move on after ending things. We are in a long distance relationship but not that far, the problem is that when I call him, he sometimes doesn't pick up, or he will say I will call you back, but he won't return my calls, when we are sometimes chatting, he doesn't reply but his online. The best advice I could give you would be to attempt to have a serious conversation about your relationship with him.

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Either way a healthy relationship needs open communication. So we can't regularly meet, so we keep in touch with mobile calls and SMS. I have to call or text me every time, but he does not bother even to reply me!!