Dating in a open marriage

Posted by / 02-Sep-2020 13:28

They tend to spend time together on Saturday evenings since that’s usually when I’m with my boyfriend, but based on schedules they sometimes meet up after work or during the day on Saturday or Sunday.

Once the dates are on the calendar, then we need to figure out where everyone is hanging out so that all parties involved get the privacy they need.

If he doesn’t have other plans, my husband will sometimes hang out at a coffee shop for a few hours so that I can get the house; my go-to is heading over to my very understanding sister’s place.

No matter how carefully plans are made, they can be derailed in very polyamory-specific ways.

If one of us can’t make Saturday work, due to things like travel, commitments to our other partners, or family events, we’ll reschedule that week’s date, usually for Friday or Sunday evening.

If one of us was uncomfortable with how much money the other was spending on another relationship, we would certainly bring it up.Long-term, I’m trying to transition to more copywriting work to increase my freelancing income, as well as taking on editing work.My husband has been very supportive of my career change — he’d rather have me do something that I’m passionate about (even if I make much less money) than stay in a job that made me miserable.We expected to have emotional growing pains as feelings came up that we hadn’t anticipated.But neither of us was prepared for how complicated our lives would become from a scheduling perspective.

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They’ve been together for six years, and their relationship has been open since the birth of their son four years ago. I knew an open relationship was his preference, but we kept ours closed, and I never felt pressured. While breastfeeding an infant, I didn’t want to be responsible for my partner’s sexual needs.