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Cohn said that Salenger will show30 Wickedpinto, What? And we've all seen the Moonbat Trolls come here and make those types of arguments. 31 The text doesn't seem to have been foisted on anyone(unless of course the proposal differed from the final text).

You didn't like my attempt to channel a Lefty professor? I'll run through the checklist: 1) My conspiracy theory blamed America first. More notables from the minutes: By unanimous decision, the Arizona Capitol Mall Commission selected a conceptual design.

If he's such a big damn believer in the new media "Manifesto," why is it so important to him to get the Old Media's imprimatur on a story before running it? Let me know what representations were made to you about what the memorial would be, and how you feel those promises have been born out. Seriously, if you think that this will create an avalanche in the MSM, well, I hope that you're right, but I think that you're dead wrong.2) A la Senator Harkin I said I could understand why al Queda responded to our hegemony with violence (root causes, etc.). (A picture of the proposed memorial was circulated among the members and a document with proposed text for the plaque and memorial was distributed to all). I guess I'm getting into Ann Coulter territory, even asking, so I'll shut up.47 Agreed.33 As an engineer, with an advanced degree from a highly respected university, my experimental conclusions as to the contents of said history professor's ass is that its full of gerbils. Trust me.38 Seems to me the whole lot of them knew what this was. Nancy Dallett and Marie Salenger would appear to be the originators of the art and text according to the minutes..the whole gang was in on it. One of Ace’s commenters did some googling and came back with the minutes of the Arizona History Advisory Commission’s meeting of 1/31/06. Stowe, chairman of ASU’s history department44 Nice Deb's comment that "they are all assclowns" rings so true: Here is a piece on 9/11, 5 years after: it, an ASU history professor - Warner this time - is quoted: There has been a rise in xenophobia and a confusion about just who our enemies are. "For me, it's a little scary as a professor," ASU's Warner says, "because my students seem more closed-minded, the world a little more black and white than it used to be. More pearls of wisdom from that article: "September 11 is now shorthand for, 'Vote for us,' " says Miriam Elman, who teaches political science at ASU and specializes in the war on terrorism." [Eddie]Jones has had to look carefully.She said that she was confident that the Arizona State University History Department had already done the largest portion of the checking.20 Come on guys, we need to look at the root causes of terror in the Middle East.

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