Dating mappin and webb silver plate marks dec donnelly dating 2016

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Dating mappin and webb silver plate marks

Mappin & Webb merged with Elkington and Walker & Hall in 1963, the merged company being named British Silverware Ltd.

In 1973 Mappin & Webb was bought by Sears Holdings.

in 1862 after John Mappin was joined by his brother-in-law George Webb.

The first Mappin & Webb store opened in 1860 at 77-78 Oxford Street, London and the company’s candelabras, fine silverware and vanity products swiftly gained renown. However, shortly after it was subject to a hostile takeover (through shares) in the 1930's. Mappin & Webb expanded internationally beginning in the 1890s.

If someone could help me with identifying the date of my dish it would be appreciated.

I have pics but do not have any web space to use for them.

Mappin & Webb is a jewellery company headquartered in the United Kingdom.

once occupied a location in the City of London at the junction of Poultry and Queen Victoria Street, adjacent to Bank junction, in the City of London.

The mark on the bottom of the dish is "MAPPIN & WEBB Ltd".

Off to the side is a hand etched mark reading "TRIPLE DEPOSIT" --over a "nazi symbol" with only three arms instead of four --over "PRINCE'S PLATE" --over "Rc 71552".

Wostenholm & Son, Insignia Plate, JB&S EP A1, JD&S = John Dixon & Sons, K & TL , M&W Mappin and Webb, N. New Silver, Nevada Silver D&A Trademark of Daniel and Arter, Norwegian Silver; Trademark of WG&S, Pelican Silver JGNS, Potosi Silver N&S WP, RN&S EP Neill, Silverite = Trademark of W P & Co , Sonora Silver = Trademark of Walker and Hall, Spur Silver = Trademark of E B & Co for Edwin Blyde & Co, Stainless N.

Greetings, I have no Idea why these makers can't make it easier to identify their work.

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The company historically held Royal Warrants to both the Russian Empire and the Japanese Royal Household.

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