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In this way, you can organise the content of your various in-trays so it suits your needs best.Alias addresses are a further help to retaining an overview when you have a lot on your plate.Should an accident happen such as malfunctioning of your hard disk or your computer, you will not lose valuable data as a result of this.

As an extra precaution that you receive all emails, there is the so-called "catch-all" address (also called "star alias").Many people make use of a free email address at Google, Hotmail, Yahoo! A free email address can also be excellent for many purposes.However, they lack some of the advantages you have access to when paying for a mail solution at, e.g. Writing from an email address under a domain name signals credibility.Anyone can create a Hotmail address in just a few minutes, whereas it is more binding to register a domain with a mail account. 80% of all mail traffic is spam (2010) a large part of which come from existing and fake senders with Gmail accounts.By having your own domain name, you can decide what the email address is to be called.

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When you have your own domain, the domain name is included as that part of the email address specified after the '@' character.

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