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Now, I know what you're thinking: why have you done this, uberchain? It's PST, therefore this would STILL count if it was a joke.I thought I was safe from your weeaboo bullshit this year. You really thought you were safe from my bullshit this year?[img] Yl Ij G.png[/img] In donating to this Kickstarter for this visual novel for promoting competitive TF2 in the lowest possible way, you help me fund the artists, Ren Py programmers, and voice actresses I purchased from fivver with what was supposed to be my entire Copenhagen Games budget plus drinking money, just to make this pitch. It's time to give TF2 the disrespect it absolutely so very, very much deserves.To donate to the Kickstarter, please [url= here[/url] and help me get my CPG drinking money back. [img][/img]The [b]Ascent[/b] twins (AKA [i]Ascent NA-chan[/i] and [i]Ascent EU-chan[/i]) used to be inseparable, until EU-chan was noticed and singled out by by the Enrolled and Upstanding senior students. [img] B.png[/img]Ascent NA-chan, the more jumpy and clumsy of the two, actually has a lot of skill when it comes to competition, but doesn't outwardly show it as much as their more confident counterpart, Ascent EU-chan.[img] HX.png[/img][b]Faint Gaming[/b] (AKA [i]Faint-chan[/i]) is kind of a mystery shrouded in a sad backstory.

Each character will need to have a name,an age, a personality, a snippet of theirbackstory, and some other miscellaneousinformation, like their birthday, likes anddislikes, etc.Comment below which one you'd like todo (you can always change your mind),and make sure you don't forget anythingwhen you post your entry!Deadline is September 1,11 PM EST.────────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-If you choose this route, you will be re-creating a character from a dating sim I give you using Love Nikki. Rules• After your first reroll, you'll have 2 left.• Use no more than 3 items from the samesuit.• Show proof of all the items you used.You're not safe from me and my garbage weeaboo bullshit. This year, I'm dead fucking serious about my garbage weeaboo bullshit - because I have a Kickstarter for it.If you donate to the Kickstarter, this game gets: Don't believe me?

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