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The author messed up, some, on the formatting on this one, too, only it's much subtler—it looks like all m-dashes (like this "—") became question marks. A note about Steamy: There's sex in the book, and a make out or two that get pretty hot, but Burgess cuts well before we get terribly explicit.It's just enough for me to flag as "Steamy" but on the lowest possible setting. Why does fate keep throwing her in the path of the irritatingly amusing -- and gorgeous -- Jake? I didn’t have to move to next chapter or die; I just sort of did because, unless a book is truly horrendous, I usually finish what I’ve begun to read. For the post-Carrie Bradshaw, post-Bridget Jones, post-credit crunch generation of singles, life isn't beautiful, a bitch, or a beach. However this book didn’t capture me very much, the plot was a bit flat… I felt that the Love Story, which for me should be the focal point in a chick-lit novel, was left with a meagre 20% of the book at most.I actually love the fact she embraced her new single status and went out of her way to not go out on dates.It was actually quite a refreshing experience to see Sass want to stay single, rather than go back on all of her hard work throughout the detox and begin dating losers again.Sass is the perfect heroine as she has her flaws and, unlike most twenty-somethings, she doesn’t have the perfect life and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

But talking about how it falls short of its later cousin does it a bit of a disservice when the fact of the matter is that I enjoy as good as A Girl Like You—and maybe a little bit samey as well—this book is still a fun, evocative coming-of-maturity story with interesting characters you can't help but love.

The Dating Detox first came to my attention a while back when it was due to be released under the title of The Dating Sabbatical. Not in the fact that Sass is a regular twenty-something who gets drunk/dates a lot, but in the fact that Sass decides to quit men for good. No book I’ve read has ever, out-and-out, had it’s main character stop dating full stop… I wondered how the romance would come into the book since Sass has sworn off men for good, and I knew the romance aspect would undoubtedly be a big part to the storyline, as the book is essentially a rom-com so it was great to see the book unfold in it’s entirety.

I heard the synopsis and thought it sounded incredibly interesting and, most importantly, rather unique. Gemma Burgess very kindly offered to send me this to review and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive so I could get started on it straight away. I was immediately sucked into Sass’s world and I thought Gemma tapped into the mind of a twenty-something serial dater pretty well.

Her life -- usually joyfully/traumatically occupied with dates, clothes and vodka -- is finally e If you can't date anyone nice, don't date anyone at all... So after her sixth successive failed relationship, romantically-challenged 20-something Sass decides she's had enough. She also makes you forget all about your dating woes and see a hopeful future.

She makes you laugh and root for the main character.

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This book was funny, a page turner, and filled my girl power bucket up.

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