Divorce and dating impact on children

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Divorce and dating impact on children

We made radical changes in the family without realizing how it would change the experience of growing up.” – Judith Wallerstein, Senior Lecturer Emerita at the University of Berkeley Wallerstein’s study stretched over the course of two and a half decades, documenting the long-term impact of divorce.Summarizing her findings, Wallerstein found divorce to be truly life-changing – transforming childhood, adolescence and adulthood (it is well-known that children of divorced parents are more likely to become “teen parents,” produce out-of-wedlock babies, less likely to marry and more likely to divorce if they do marry.) The evidence was and still is overwhelming – divorce is harmful to children not just in younger years, but for a lifetime.– While these steps are important, minimizing the detrimental impact of divorce is entirely different to helping children understand the reasoning behind the break-up.The process of which begins with breaking the news in a well-thought out manner – valuing honesty and transparency, over attempting to protect their feelings.One way to help children through this early stage is (according to age) to openly discuss what is happening in the family.In some cases, it makes more sense for children to hear about the separation from both parents.The well-worn statistic about divorce rates in the U. is that only 50% of marriages survive (this stat is taken from a study between 20, with the chance of the average marriage making it to 20 years being 52%). Recent research has uncovered two interesting patterns – first – that divorce rates are at their lowest point in nearly 40 years, and second, that while marriage (often derided as being an outdated societal construct) is on the rise.Divorce: the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body.

These changes have, in no small part, been driven by divorce rates that have risen from 3% in the 1800s, to 7% in the 1960s, and on a rapid trajectory onwards to 48% in the modern day.

This simple definition does little to truly shine a light of what divorce truly means (and moreover, what it genuinely represents for the children of divorcing parents.

The impact is far and wide ranging, and while the exact way in which a child is affected depends on many factors (such as the reason behind the divorce, the income level of each parent and whether the divorce is amicable) there are five core issues that are a common thread…

Going some way to explaining this, it is thought that children associate their self-image with family relations, and where the family unit is compromised, so too is their self-worth.

According to child psychologists, there are four core (and critical) steps that must be taken to minimize the impact of divorce on children…

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