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But what if you want to hang those curtains without adding extra holes to your RV walls? These ingenious hooks come in a variety of sizes rated for different weights.

Tours are at specific times and offer a limited time to navigate through the rooms.Sure, you could go to the camping supply store and buy yourself a set of clips…or you could make your own!For a quick and easy guide to making homemade awning clips head over to Plates are probably one of the biggest space hogs of all the kitchen items in your RV.When stacked flat they take up a large amount of space on the bottom of the cupboard, while leaving extra wasted space above. When stored vertically, plates take up less space on the bottom of the cupboard, while at the same time leaving no wasted space up top. All you need are small bungee cords and metal cable clips. Portable grills and RVs go together like…well, like hamburgers and hot dogs, or marshmallows and chocolate, or corn on the cob and…you get the idea.Even worse, they sometimes don’t fit flat in our tiny RV cupboards. The problem is that a portable propane grill needs a fuel supply.

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Unfortunately, custom app development costs can easily skyrocket.