Dysfunctional dating relationships speed dating events in lincoln

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Dysfunctional dating relationships

We all have a past and some people do change their ways. By your logic regarding psych meds, then all people who were born with mental health issues don’t deserve to have a partner ever. It’s one thing is a person with bipolar diorder only takes on pill a day and is able to be functional and have a stable career and friends etc, and another things if a person with bipolar is on 10 types of medication and can’t hold down even a part time job.There’s a spectrum with regard to how serious some psychological issues are, so the issue is more nuanced than whether someone is on meds or not on meds. Please be more sensitive to the subject of mental health. Having greatly suffered with depression and social anxiety in the past, I believe that medication was instrumental in saving my life.Leo, perhaps you could think this through and not add to the stigma and shame already put upon this subject.

The red flags are good to point out and it is the right thing to do to cut out the person that I am seeing due to the red flags you talked about! I can agree on working through a depression but as for bipolar disorder for example there are two factors, genetics and environment.

If I would describe it myself I’d say my energysystem needs extra adjustment.

Great for relationship and dating and even married couple–those red flags are real.

And the 2 men I loved, in subsequent relationships during this 8 year period, were amazing to me throughout this process.

I handled this independently, but their acceptance of me and my stage of recovery taught me that I was worthy of being in healthy relationships, even though I had these issues.

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Great video otherwise I have to agree with Leo on this one.

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