Eclipse validating xml slow Mochaxxx

Posted by / 29-Jun-2020 08:50

Eclipse validating xml slow

Should be doable, I'm just lacking the time for it, atm.

It can be a partner focusing on applications, or even on the economic impact of DSDP, preferably someone who wants to combine with EMF.For this we look for an academic partner in Switzerland.It would allow us to ask for research resources that would contribute to DSDP.Basically the tags are just out of order according to the DTD. I can try fixing this myself, but I thought I should mention it to you and see if you know how to make a quick patch.

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*Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client")Outline mine is a bit useless when you can't click a segment and relate it to the actual file, or even edit inside outline mode. End up having to CTRL-F to find the place in the file, and the menu for view options is completely lacking anything.