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I can't select anything from the tool bars, do any work on the sheet or close the program.I can close it only with the task manager but when I open it again, the cursor is still stuck in the highlighting mode and won't perform any other functions.Do you think this is a problem with my computer, the excel program? Is there some shortcut to turn off this highlight feature other than restarting my computer. Thanks for any advice, Thought I'd append my experience of the above problem - you can find all sorts of references to it everywhere. Then, finally I unregistered the old DLL via Code: Hi guys, Looking for some help and would appreciate your help.My problem was that a userform defined with Excel at work (containing DT pickers) gave the message in the title when opening it at home. I then copied the MSCOMCT2.* files from work, made a backup of them at home and copied those from work to my C-drive (Windows XP - c:\windows\system32\ ). I want to prevent people cutting/copy/pasting on a spreadsheet I have developed.

In all of them setting screenupdating to false no longer works.

If I go into the VBE, I can manually run procedures and they all work fine.

The only way I've been able to get back to normal is by force closing excel altogether and re-opening. ______________________ Still having trouble, and the same thing is happening with this workbook on two different computers, so I don't think it's a hardware, or OS specific issue.

I had a light-bulb moment and wondered whether there was a difference in the version numbers for MSCOMCT2. A couple of users keep doing so which in turn knackers my formulas.

There will be occasions where I will need to be able to use these functions for maintenance and updates.

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If I use the delete key to delete the contents of a cell, then it gets deleted.