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Opening your first credit card and using it wisely can be a great way to establish and build credit.However, when you have little to no credit history to begin with, it can be challenging to find a lender who is willing to take a chance on you. You can typically find credit cards you can qualify for with limited credit history, or even no credit history at all.The IRS keeps a total of all the times you've exceeded the annual exclusion limit so it knows the amount that remains for your estate.A security freeze is designed to prevent credit, loans and services from being approved in your name without your consent, but may also delay or interfere with or prohibit the timely approval of any subsequent requests or application you make regarding new credit, loans or services. That means taxes could potentially come due – collectible from you, not the person you helped out.Technically, the IRS says a gift is anything you transfer to someone else without receiving full value for it in exchange. You can't charge nominal interest either – it must be equal to the federal rate.

Lenders care about your credit history and credit scores because this information helps them to assess the risk of doing business with you.

Finding the right credit card can be tricky, especially for those with limited options due to their lack of credit history.

Below is a summary table of the top credit cards for people with no credit history, including students and other first-time applicants who have limited or no experience with credit.

In the case of cash, such as if you write a check to pay off someone's credit card debt, receiving full value means you'll get the money back eventually – it's a loan. If you're collecting interest on a loan, it’s taxable income and you have to report it.

If you’re not collecting interest on the loan, this means it's a gift.

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As of 2018, the IRS allows you to give away up to $15,000 per person each year per person without paying taxes on the gifts.