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The mission of the Korean Queer Culture Festival is as follows: ‘Gay Korean Dating’ is the fastest growing co-operative of online-dating sites in the world.

This site driven by the totally unique concept and range of services that they provide.

Throughout those years, they have also made on-line chatting websites or apps for easier communication of their subculture life.

First of all, there are two Korean gay site or online community in Korea and one foreign site for dating.

Respondent: In Korea, we do not have a law for discrimination protection of gay people and same sex-marriage is not allowed.

If you have a confidence to enjoy your life, you can enjoy your life as normal.

Colleagues (Military service) Every Korean guys has a duty of army for one year and 9 months that is almost 2 years.

Since military service is a must for men in Korea, they have no choice to not join unless they have a doctor’s note for prove about their problem, which is both mentally and physically.

And based on the aime to be able to present Ivan city as Asia’s proud gay community, they would put the best of an effort into the work.There are actually many cases when Korean men turned to Gay or they felt attractive to their classmates when they were in high school.Thus, their environment had more chances to feel or experience emotionally and sexually.The most popular gay site in Korea is IVAN CITY, and CHIINGUSAI is the site of the Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group Chingusai (“Between Friends”).Additionally, there is the most famous gay festival, which is called Korean Queer Culture Festival.

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Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) of Korea Queer Festival, held since 2000, is an annual public event taking place in Seoul for about two weeks around end of May to beginning of June.

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