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The Anyuaks had seven administration states- Adongo, Ciro, Nyikaani, Lul, Tier Naam, and Openo under one Nyeya (king) rule. They had rights to choose from the two Anyuaks’ political systems- Nyech (kingship) or Kwar (headman-ship).The fact of the matter is Anyuak country was never part of Ethiopia or Sudan before 1902.Therefore, why would they not participate in Ethiopians’ beauty contest?And if some uneducated Habesha foolishly believe that they are the owners of Ethiopia and get offended instead of applauding when their fellow Ethiopian from Gambella wins the beauty contest, I suggest that they start holding their own Habesha beauty contest and we, the non-Habesha Ethiopians will not participate in it.

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Some 2,000 years ago, the Anyuak country, as it was called, was situated between Southwestern Oromo land, present day part of Ethiopia to Pibor River and to the West up to Nyium, present day Nasir in the Sudan.

The Anyuak country was divided by four main Rivers- the Akobo, Openo, Alworo, and Gillo.

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