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One of my first acts as youth pastor was to lift the ban on dating.Ending legalism is not the same thing as sanctioning sin, and I have no idea if there was more or less extramarital sex as a result of the dating ban or the purity rings.When it came to relationships, it would be “courtship” (tersely defined as parental-supervised visits and outings) or nothing. Many parents had entered adulthood wounded by past broken relationships.They regretted the mistakes of their youth and desperately wanted their kids to avoid similar heartbreak.

The indescribably good news is that from the moment of the confession of faith, believers are not defined by their sin.

Sometimes the despair would trigger wild rebellion.

If they’re “ruined,” then why should they care about obedience?

I preached the youth service every week, I led the youth Sunday school, and I led the youth prayer groups. The youth ministry had gone all-in on purity culture.

I was also a commercial litigator in a big law firm, and suddenly I had two full-time jobs. The previous youth pastor had even declared “no date ’98,” placing a moratorium on every kid in the youth group: not even a single date for the entire year.

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