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Internet dating ethics

Humans do not invent numbers, and humans cannot alter them.

Plato explained the eternal character of mathematics by stating that they are (or divine command theory), this view was inspired by the notion of an all-powerful God who is in control of everything. He wills the physical world into existence, he wills human life into existence and, similarly, he wills all moral values into existence.

The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior.

Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics.

Proponents of the other-worldly view typically hold that moral values are objective in the sense that they exist in a spirit-like realm beyond subjective human conventions.

They also hold that they are absolute, or eternal, in that they never change, and also that they are universal insofar as they apply to all rational creatures around the world and throughout time.

Metaphysics is the study of the kinds of things that exist in the universe.

Some things in the universe are made of physical stuff, such as rocks; and perhaps other things are nonphysical in nature, such as thoughts, spirits, and gods.

I gratefully acknowledge the financial support that was provided by the EPSRC Privacy Value Networks Project (EP/G002606/1).

The disclosure of an HIV-positive status and the selection of HIV-positive partners are explored as key mechanisms for preventing the spread of the virus while enabling people ‘living with HIV’ to form intimate relations, ‘sharing the virus’ in other ways – practices conceptualised here as ‘viral-sociality’.

Throughout the discussion attention is drawn to how sexual relations, clinical encounters and HIV-related criminal prosecutions intersect in this field, such that the most private aspects of ‘living with’ the virus can at the same time be the most public.

I thank all the participants who took part in the research, the health-care practitioners who provided support and assistance, especially Dr Jane Anderson, and the community groups and content providers (Avert, Body & Soul, i-Base, NAM, Positive East, The Terrence Higgins Trust and The Rain Trust) who took part in interviews and/or hosted focus groups.

Without your contribution this work would not have been possible.

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