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Intimidating sports colors

It is the home of Real Madrid whose derby with Barcelona is dubbed “El Classico”. Real Madrid were the favoured team of General Franco, the military dictator who brutally oppressed all regional traditions and languages in favour of a Castilian national culture and language, ruled from Madrid. When “Royal Madrid” come to town, most of Catalonia see it as a chance to get one over on their hated oppressors and unite behind the team, the strength of feeling this engenders manifests itself in the hostile atmosphere within the stadium.Real translates to royal and “Royal Madrid” represent the King of Spain's authority over all the regions of Spain, some of whom resent this authority and strive to be independent states, such as the Basque region and Catalonia, the home of their biggest rivals, F. When Portuguese legend Luis Figo returned to the Camp Nou with Real Madrid after leaving F. Barcelona for their hated rivals in a World record transfer he was greeted with huge banners proclaiming him “Traitor” and “Judas” and every time he touched the ball the entire stadium (the Camp Nou holds close to 100,000 people) erupted in a chorus of boos and jeers.In the 1930’s Mohammed Salim played for the club, becoming the first player from the Indian subcontinent to play for a European club and Gil Heron was one of the first Black players to play for a British club in the 1950’s.Their great rivals Rangers were not quite as open minded though.Glasgow Celtic’s Celtic Park Nicknamed Paradise by the Celtic fans, Celtic park holds 60,000 fans and has been named by Lionel Messi, Xavi and Gianluigi Buffon as their favourite place to play football.

Black is also associated with depression because it can close in on use and take the positive aspects out of life, pushing us towards disappointment and the black or negative aspects of out life.

Black can have a different symbolic meaning for everyone and every individual can have a different reaction to the color.

In Feng Shui black has a way of harmonizing your home, office, and other environments.

It’s a very serious color that can help express grief.

Oregon State, Oklahoma State, Orioles, its all good i love Oregon football's palette of colors too.

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