Ireland spiritial dating

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Ireland spiritial dating

i am new in this, ive heard something about spiritual paths, but im not sure what are those. Reply I’m a massage therapist and sometimes my treatment room will get super cold all of a sudden and I will feel a presence behind me or next to me.

Sometimes I can’t move my hand from the spot I’m on and my hand will feel buzzy and tingly. It is usually at an injury site or acupressure point. It used to freak me out but I’m kind of used to it now. Reply I was googling my feelings and it landed me here with so much meaning and helped me to understand more of what happens to me and now I know it is positive.

I thanked him for coming to me Reply I get chills on these occasions: When I’m sad When i wonder if what im doing or think os right When i think of someone i see in only my dreams When i need an amswer and thatsthats not all.

There are alot of other other things going on with me that are weird Tech isnt always my friend because it malfunctions around me alot.

I must tell you, I haven’t told anyone about the goosebumps, but I was shocked yesterday as my boyfriends mother told me that she often had goosebumps on only one side of her body since her nephew died. Suddenly in my dresser mirror, I saw what appeared to be a round face, that was yellow from the bottom of the nose down. Reply I’ve been having dreams in the last week, I’m talking to ghosts/spirits/souls whatever one calls them.

If he’s trying to tell us something, do you have any advice? Thank you so much in advance Reply I every so often receive these chills through out my body, I feel it go through me but my environment does not need to be cold it can be warm also? Sometimes I feel like I’m having a telepathic conversation but consider that impossible and put it down to me talking to myself Reply I was wide awake laying on my back. I don’t know why we’re talking and I almost always end up forgetting about I had a dream I was talking to children, I can’t remember their faces or anything like that I just know that one of them was stubborn and was scared all of a sudden a guy pulls me off the bed into another room.

Reply Hi Melanie, I just read your whole post about spiritual chills and it amazes me because I just read it on another post.

I’m sitting on my porch in the sun reading up on signs from your loved ones. But suddenly I got vibrating goosebumps from the the top of my body to the bottom.

3 times in a row , undeniable feeling especially the vibration.

Reply Hi my name is Angela I have been experiencing chills for a couple of days now but I don’t know what it is directed towards. Reply Hi I am getting these spiritual chills very often now.

Also just the other day me and my daughter was in the living room she experienced a pinch on her back and I experiencing like someone was pinch on my back but no one was there. It usually when I am watching , reading, or hearing something powerful. My initial feelings feel like I am feeling someone else’s feelings but I don’t know if that’s correct. Reply My son called me two days ago and he want it to talk about his weird dream, but as soon he start talking about it, i fell the chills all over my body And that lasted at least for more than twenty seconds, his granfather past away a month ago, but the dream wasnt about grandpa.

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) Then in bed, I felt it again…as if someone was sitting on the end of the bed. I have always believed in spirit (and I was half asleep) so I kind of just said ‘oh, hey’ and my phone beeped straight away with a whistle sound. 🙂 Reply I often get chills, but I thought they were just a physical reaction to my thought.