Is ashanti and nelly still dating sex dating in green lake maine

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Ashanti is playing it off like Gloria Govan and making it seem like they are cool with the status quo and would rather have it that way.

If women invest the time, best believe we love you dirty draws.

Hell, both their careers are chillin on ice, their relationship is the only thing that keeps them remotely relavent, a wedding and reality show will do them good. I understand keeping your private life, private, but when a man has a hard time calling you his girl after 10 years, its time to walk away.

You guys aren't married, and don't have kids so moving on should be an effortless transition.

If you ain't down with being one of many, Nelly ain't messin' with. Of course Juanita Bynum slept with women...these ministers and their first ladies are just as corrupt as anyone else in the world. First of all we don't know if she has a ring or not, hell they couldve been gotten married but just doesnt want the public in their business.

Poor Ashanti either believes he will change his mind at some point and choose her or she doesn't give a f*$k. So, she doesn't claim him either, what does that make him. I think Nelly and Ashanti will get married one day. As soon as they confirm it everybody and their grandmother will have a bunch of negative shit to say... If it was like back in the day sure but nowadays theirs facebook, twitter, instagram... So if they are together great for them I hope they keep it out of the public's eye forever.

A trusted source has confirmed the breakup to BOSSIP exclusively.

I believe this is a mutual agreement, so I am sure her self-worth is just fine and she doesn't need you to validate it. People already talk negatively about their relationship because neither of them will confirm the obvious.

Its not like they are seen around town with other people so what's the big deal.

You in your early 30's so you can probably pull a baller, juzt don't ask to sing the National Anthem at a game, major turnoff.

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After the radio host brought up the fact that we saw pics of the twosome chillin' around St. Pastor Juanita Bynum exposes her "abusive past" and says she slept with women. Actor Michael Clarke Duncan is expected to make a full recovery after suffering a cardiac arrest last week.

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