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After hours of driving, the group stop at a pub for food and directions to the farm.

A pub patron, Blue (Jeff Watson), warns them not to continue resulting in a fight between Mick and another patron (Brad Bromfield), who angrily changes his mind after the fight and gives them directions.

Meanwhile, Jason, who was taking a long time inside, alarms Natasha who follows him in.

Jason warns Natasha to be quiet as he finds Charlie roaming inside the barn.

The two persuade Jason's girlfriend Natasha (Tara Reid), to call her best friend Melanie (Allira Jaques) to come with them, without informing them about the history of the site.

At a campfire, Melanie and Natasha confront the two and Mick eventually tells them the story of Charlie's Farm: In the 1980s, John Wilson (Bill Moseley) and his wife Meredith (Trudi Ross) are farmers, murderers and cannibals.

The local townspeople, led by Blue, confront the couple over a slew of missing backpackers, which included Amber (Madeleine Kennedy), whom the two had just murdered and eaten.

Later on the group decides to split up and explore the property.

Gordon and Alyssa come upon a barn which appears to be Charlie's base of operations.

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Melanie runs and is chased through the woods but is killed when Charlie rips out her lower jaw. Jason insists they go inside but Natasha refuses and waits.