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Kids asking each other out dating

Angry criticism and diatribes directed against Bachmann's outdated sexist ideals flooded the Internet.Evolved commenters on, a popular female-oriented news site, wrote about how they asked their husbands out on the first date and how they remain perfectly fine, non-whorish people. Well, dating expert Evan Marc Katz, who on his website pegs himself as a "personal trainer for women who want to fall in love," disagrees with women taking charge in procuring dates.In the interest of disclosure I'll note I'm a guy, so my opinion is admittedly less relevant...

Like Lawrence O'Donnell, does Katz get the last word?However, if you don't care about traditional mating rituals or standard rules of dating (and plenty of people don't), then you can and should ask out whomever you want.After all, waiting is not all that fun, especially for impatient folks who have places to go and people to see.The straight married guy Ben suggests that before a girl asks a guy out, she should gauge whether or not he's really interested in her through the ancient art of flirting.He writes: "If he returns the flirt then start ramping it up.

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At the end of the day, it comes down to your own personal preference.

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