Lost power while updating bios

Posted by / 20-Sep-2020 13:01

While working on a project of mine, the entire subdivision suddenly lost power and therefore lead to my computer turning off.The next day, I attempted to return to the project I had been working on.Shaking it does not brighten it back to it\u0027s active state, which it usually does.- The TV the PC is connected to displays the message while both are on: \u0022No signal input\u0022 \/ similar. I've recently been having problems with my computer after a recent power outage in my subdivision.

Then it's off for a full teardown to put the motherboard and PSU on cardboard for a repeat test of the can't turn it off with the button test.If everything appears to be correct, you can try resetting the CMOS to the default values.After the CMOS values are reset, save changes and exit the BIOS to reboot the system.It also destroyed my power supply, to which luckily my brother had an old spare.No other components have been damaged."The power button is unable to be used to turn the PC off no matter how long it's pressed." tells me it's a failed motherboard.

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Make sure the computer is ready to be shut off before turning off the computer.

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