Luann lesseps dating while married

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Luann lesseps dating while married

And for now that love is strong.“We’re a discombobulated Housewives family.At the same time, we are family, you know what we mean?With a little help from her Real Housewives Of New York family.Luann, along with Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer, recently discussed their love for one and other.Their divorce came through on 18 September 2017 after the pair announced their split a month earlier.After their separation, the pair released a statement sharing that they both agreed for divorce but still care for each other.Luann is romantically involved with Hollywood agent Richard Super, who has been representing Luann for months since the beginning of her career as a cabaret star in A week earlier Luann gushed that she was romantically involved with someone but failed to reveal her boyfriend's identity.Well, seems like Luann is taking steps forward with her new found love despite having rocky past relationships.

She even shared two children son Noel and daughter Victoria.

So I think we’ll like always be together,” Luann explained.

Dorinda added, “We actually really enjoy each other’s company.

I mean it goes to the left sometimes but we do have fun!

We laugh so much.” Hell hath no fury like a Housewife divorced?

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[The tears] it’s not really meant for me – I think it’s issues she’s having herself.”CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE!

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