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Researchers studying fossils from northern Kenya have identified a new species of human that lived two million years ago.The discoveries suggests that at least three distinct species of humans co-existed in Africa., an early human whose fossils were found in the same sediment layer.The entire footprint trail is almost 27 m (88 ft) long and includes impressions of about 70 early human footprints.There was nothing unique about us until we began to make sophisticated stone tools."In other groups of animals many different species evolve, each with new traits, such as plumage, or webbed feet.If the new trait is better suited to the environment then the new species thrives, if not it becomes extinct.Team members led by paleontologist Mary Leakey stumbled upon animal tracks cemented in the volcanic ash in 1976, but it wasn’t until 1978 that Paul Abell joined Leakey’s team and found the 88ft (27m) long footprint trail referred to now as “The Laetoli Footprints,” which includes about 70 early human footprints.The early humans that left these prints were and had big toes in line with the rest of their foot.

This is a critical time period in human evolutionary history, as it corresponds to the early evolution of our genus, Homo.

The close spacing of the footprints is evidence that the people who left them had a short stride, and therefore probably had short legs.

It is not until much later that early humans evolved longer legs, enabling them to walk farther, faster, and cover more territory each day.

This means that these early human feet were more human-like than ape-like, as apes have highly divergent big toes that help them climb and grasp materials like a thumb does.

The footprints also show that the gait of these early humans was "heel-strike" (the heel of the foot hits first) followed by "toe-off" (the toes push off at the end of the stride)—the way modern humans walk.

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They had small heads, prominent brows and stood upright.

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