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Oblivion dating system rus

The envoys reported on the progress of negotiations, on the content of the new treaty and how the peace was established between Greece and the Russian land ... The expansion and harmonization of rules through written codes was linked to a larger process of political and social integration. Here, however, he is not referring to princely secular law but to the laws of Christianity, the authority of the Church and its teachings: the authority of the Bible in general, and more specifically the authority of the practical codes produced over the centuries under the general heading of canon law.

The ruling dynasty was only one of the institutions promoting this process through written codes of law. Canon law, combined with Byzantine imperial legislation relating to the Church, was conveyed in reference books known as nomocanons (Kormchie knigi in the Russian tradition).

The first stage of law development in Kievan Rus finished with transition from verbal traditional law to written law.

The agreements between Kievan Rus and Byzantium, and also grand-ducal's law (pravdas, ustavs) became the forms of this law.

But in the Russian text the Greeks were addressed on behalf of the Russian Grand Prince, his princes and boyars, and in Greek - on behalf of the Byzantine emperors and the all Greeks.

The two parties exchanged the deeds: Russians received the Greek text, and Greeks - the Russian copy.

Clauses of R-B Treaty 911 covered the ways of consideration of various crimes and punishments for the; the responsibility for murder; on liability for intentional assault or theft, and the corresponding penalties for it; the responsibility for the robbery; the order of assistance to merchants of both countries during their voyage with goods; the order of redemption of prisoners; the assistance to Greeks on the part of Russia and the order of service of Russians in the Imperial Army; the practice of redemption of any other prisoners; on the order of return of servants who ran away or were kidnapped; the practice of inheritance of property of Russians who died in Byzantium; on the order of Russian trade in Byzantium; the responsibility for the debt and the punishment for failure to pay the debt.

It is, however, more likely that at that early date Olga's ustavy were simply oral directives.

This second stage naturally leaded to the formation of legislative act common for all state -Russkaya Pravda. Over time the rules of traditional law were approbated by the state and became legal rules.

The Church took regulation beyond the public sphere and into the home, into daily life.

It prescribed what food could or could not be eaten on which days through the year, whom and how one could or could not marry, what to wear or not wear, when to have or not to have sexual intercourse and in what manner [1, 128].

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But each party had kept a copy of its own text, which was given to the other side.

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