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“She’s very thorny,” I said to Zoe Kazan about Rose, the character she is playing in Mike Bartlett’s acclaimed play, Love, Love, Love, at New York’s Laura Pels Theatre.Bartlett’s brilliant comedy-drama follows a British family—in which Kazan plays the daughter—through 40-plus years of big and small history, and the big and small hurts that shape it, informed by the political and cultural cross-currents of intervening eras.

Though they were talking business, we’re told Kazan and Dano sat next to each other and “She put her hand on his knee.” Kazan, 32, and Dano, also 32, began dating in 2007.On a personal note, the multitalented artiste is in a relationship with Zoe Kazan and is a devoted father of one.Hollywood battles over screen credit are usually kept behind the scenes.ditto 'when are you getting married'” to a tweet saying, “Real sick of perfect strangers (and loved ones) asking when I am going to have a baby...rude ass question, 100 percent of the time.”Ruby Sparks It’s certainly an exciting time in the Kazan-Dano household.

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Another diner added that — whatever the bauble was — it “definitely” resembled an engagement ring.