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The sonographer was able to show us the view of the soles of the feet. I can’t begin to think how tiny they must have been (given that Little One is only about 10cm crown to rump). On the down side we were informed that Little One was too old for a nuchal scan and we were told we would have to have a quad test if we wanted to assess our Downs risk.

I was told this is just as accurate as a nuchal scan and would only involve me giving a blood sample, which I did straight after the scan.

It was just over 21 years ago that I was confidently nodding at the sonographer as she pointed out my daughters head, legs, heart etc when really I was thinking "what is she talking about?

I can't make out anything other than the flicker of the heart beat!

We recommend that patients do not bring children alone, as we are unable to provide childcare; children must be supervised at all times.

Why are we sometimes unable to complete the scan on the same day?

" That was enough for us though, confirming that we were expecting a baby and just one (as some women will naturally conceive twins and it would be at this scan they are given that news).

and there s/he was on the screen and it wasn’t what I expected.– Sometimes babies lie in awkward positions and it is not always possible to see everything clearly, so patients may be asked to return at a later date.Gynaecological Scanning A transvaginal (internal) scan is often required for further assessment of a patient’s pelvic organs.The sonographer will tell the patient if they can see clearly.Can the patient’s partner/relative accompany the patient?

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There are toilets just outside the scan rooms so you shouldn't be uncomfortable for too long.