Problems updating k750i firmware

Posted by / 05-May-2020 09:32

Users of older models are required to remove and reinsert the battery, while owners of newer devices (such as smart phones) are supposed to turn off the phone and wait for 30 seconds.

Following that, you need to connect the device while to your PC via a USB port, after which the software checks for missing updates.

i have two questions, my k750 seems to charge till its 98 % full, it never reaches 100%anyone experience this problems.

my second question is what ringtone formats does the phone support?

thanks a lot Just got ma k750i on o2 online upgrade. about firmware thnk you i tried updating the software on my k750i..after finishing all the preparations necessary , the updating process does not start automatically as anyone help me with this problem? I am looking to buy a new phone and only use either nokia or sonyericssson, no other brands at all.

Is ok to start with, has only crashed once but the phone is everythin i expected and nothing too special, its just k700i with improvements. but theres only one problem, that is the ear speaker of the phone is not that loud enough, and also i wanna know about is u have to download firmware for this phone... I have shortlisted my choice to Nokia 6230i or Sonyericsson K750i but in a predicatment position on which is a better phone.

Sony Ericsson users who experience phone problems are strongly advised to run the Update Service, as most of the issues are related to old, unstable or corrupt software.I believe having a phone without any problems is more important that it's capacity to have 1 hour duration for recording etc,so I'll choose SE K 750i,though it may has some lacks like not being stylish(as I told u before that SE is not a stylish phone),or not having a good camera;etc. wildheart u just have bad luck i got my k750 and it has no problems at all.. only thing i don't like is the handsfree that comes w/ it..the earpieces are too big and don't fit in my ear haha my problem is actually i can't find out how to access the phone memory..Also, the battery needs to be charged to at least 50%, because the update process eats up a considerable quantity of juice.In the next step, you are required to select your phone model and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Just because SE draws more attentions to it's products and it's aim is not only to full the market with some phone only different in colours or some small inventions.